Get a Website

Are potential clients unable to find you because you don’t have a website?

Or do you have one, but are too embarrassed to send people to it?

You know you need to fix this, but …

  • You think it will be too expensive. You don’t have several thousand dollars to hire someone.
  • You don’t know where you would find someone to help you, and you wouldn’t know how to evaluate if they were any good at what they do.
  • You tried making a website once and after tearing your hair out in frustration for several hours or days you gave up in frustration.
  • You just have no idea where to start and feel overwhelmed by the idea.
  • The website you want seems out of your reach, both financially and technically.

I’ve been a web designer for 10 years, and several years ago I set out to solve the problem of healers who need websites. The answer had to hit all these notes:

  • It had to be simple and user friendly for a non-technical audience.
  • It had to be inexpensive enough that healers could afford it.
  • It had to be beautiful and made for healers, not bloggers or businesses.
  • It had to help healers with marketing and building their business.

I explored a lot of different options, including building custom software just for healers. In the end I realized that the problem of creating a website has been solved many times over–and solved well. I just needed to find a way to tailor that solution to fit the people I want to serve.

The Website On-Ramp

The solution I’ve created is a guided path onto the best platform available for your website: WordPress.

If you’ve tried WordPress before and been overwhelmed, don’t worry–my approach simplifies it greatly.

Problem with WordPressMy Solution
UpdatesIf self-hosted, this is a major headache with updates coming out weekly from plugins. If you don't update, you might get hacked.My solution uses which is hosted and managed by the WP folks--automatic updates and security!
ThemesWay too many themes to choose from.I have picked the best themes and created a set of simple variations that are beautiful and flexible.
PluginsIf self-hosted, way too many to choose from. If hosted at, not enough.I've researched the best third-party add-ons to give you any extra functionality you need, like event management, scheduling, and payments.
LayoutOut of the box it's designed for blogging, not a business website.I modify the default setup to make it a website WITH a blog, not JUST a blog.
SetupIf you don't know how WP works, there are a lot of configuration steps.I give you a rolling start...all the setup steps taken care of, ready for you to add content.

Choose Your Path

Full ServiceDo-It-Yourself
SummaryWe set up everything so you get a running start on your website.You buy and read our book that leads you step-by-step in setting up your site.
Website SetupWe create all pages, menus, and tweak settings (a 47 step process).Book includes full instructions on how to set up pages, menus, and settings.
Visual DesignChoose one of our professionally designed color schemes, layouts, and header or background images for a cohesive look.Book includes theme recommendations, guidance on choosing a color scheme, and tips on finding good stock photos.
CustomizationYour admin area allows full customization of colors, fonts, and images if you want to tweak things further.Book includes instructions in how to use the WordPress admin to change colors and fonts. Fee$99$99
HealerPreneur Fee$299
Includes Website Ebook Bundle ($47 value)
$12.99 for ebook
or $29 for Website Ebook Bundle ($47 value)